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Friday, July 27, 2012

Run Away!

It's time to make a change. I love CrossFit dearly, and I enjoy my classes and the people in them, but I can't go on giving myself heat exhaustion every couple of weeks. I've come to the very difficult decision that I'm going to quit my gym and try to design my own workout program, better tailored to my limitations. The best bonus to this (aside from not throwing up all the time) is that Joe and I are going to do it together, which gets him back into a regular exercise routine as well.

I think we're pretty compatible with where our interests lie: we're both experienced lifters (although I'm going to be less help spotting him than he will be for me) and hate to run. He likes to bicycle and I'm open to that. We've got a lot of decisions to make, like how to fit it in to our days and what limitations we'll have in lifting in the low-ish ceiling-ed basement.

I think I want to get a few kettlebells, as I do want to still do swings and snatches and Turkish get-ups and such. Joe already has a weight set, although he is pretty envious of my brother-in-law's lifting cage. We might be able to get one of those, though, with the money I save in gym fees. I already have a treadmill from when I thought I could run. I would love to get a rowing machine and a hanging bag, but that might be down the road a ways, when we have a better idea of how much room we have. Or a different house.

This is a change I've had in the back of my mind for a while now, and I'm only just now fed up enough to act on it. I'm feeling pretty good about it, so I think it's the right one. Wish us luck!

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

This and That from Here and There

Mom is doing much better. She forgot to take one of her steroid doses Saturday, so was feverish Sunday, but got it back under control after that. It's nice to know that it can be controlled, but we all just wished they could figure out what's causing the fevers in the first place.

I feel like we've been in reverse hibernation with this heat. After a gorgeous spring, we've had a long string of 100 degree days, with no rain and no relief in sight. Every once in a while, a front will come through to cool things off a little, but these drought conditions are horrible. I thought it was going to rain Sunday, especially since we had the laundry out on the line, but it evaporated before it hit the ground. Shouldn't have bought that rain gauge, I guess. It hasn't rained since then. At any rate, we've been feeling sluggish about doing things, and haven't done anything on the house since they finished switching over the electrical. The next step is the wall anchors, but there's no way we should be doing any digging in this weather.

We did get the spare bedroom cleaned up some, so that one can at least walk in there, or it won't take a herculean effort to get the bed cleaned off if someone wanted to stay with us. We are running out of room for comic books, though. Basement storage is still an undetermined length of time away.

I'm trying to decide what to get Joe for his 30th birthday. I've got a couple ideas, at least, and three more weeks to procrastinate.

Joe's PS3 decided to take a dump. He's pretty sure he can fix it, so we're on hold with Lego Harry Potter Part 2. We were so close to finishing, too. We'll have plenty of time to finish it before Lego Lord of the Rings comes out in October.

We've been talking about trying to go camping with the new gear we got, but it's just too uncomfortable out there. Rain, please come!