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ep·i·gone n. A second-rate imitator or follower, especially of an artist or a philosopher.

Saturday, December 06, 2003

Decorating tonight! Emily is coming over after she gets off work to help decorate the tree. Hopefully she'll be a bit late, because they're playing an extended version of Apocalypse Now on Bravo tonight, and I really want to watch it. I think the Xander portions of Restless lose some of their significance if you haven't seen it. But I have to buy milk so I can make hot chocolate. And buy a tree, of course.

I'm just not as good at scheduling my time as I used to be. I've gotten too used to lazing around all the time, so that when I actually have a lot of stuff to do, it feels overwhelming. Like today, I had to mail my Christmas cards, do some Christmas shopping, buy a tree, go to the grocery store, put in some time at work, and write peer minister stipends for tomorrow. All I've gotten done so far is mail my Christmas cards, and look at the time! I guess I've done some of the work stuff, too, but that's enough to make me puke. I've got two audits on my desk right now. One we've been working on for almost two months, because we only get 90% of the info we need, and that info always seems to generate more questions. The other is a Benefit Plan audit, which I have done only one of so far, and it's still all about the learning curve. It's going better than the other one, but I've only got 15 working days this month due to vacation/holiday/CPE, and trying to get it all done in time for tax season is daunting.

The only Christmas shopping I've gotten done so far is for Lew, and he's really easy. I have few ideas for anyone else, and I have to get it done by next week, since I'll be in Des Moines for the entire week before Christmas. Next year, I'm doing all my shopping in November over the internet. Avoid crowds, avoid shopping malls, avoid all this last-minute (well, it feels like last-minute!) agonizing over what to get people.

Iowa Wireless finally has downloadable ringtones on its website. Guess what I downloaded first? Guess!

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