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ep·i·gone n. A second-rate imitator or follower, especially of an artist or a philosopher.

Monday, December 29, 2003

How awesome is my family? I am so blessed to have a family I enjoy being with so much. It's just so much fun! We need our own reality show. "The ______ Family." Though I don't know how much of it is just us feeding off each other. If Emily's laughing, I can't help but laugh. 'Course when she throws a tantrum, I feel that, too.

And to jump on the bandwagon, the loot count:

Leah: Pirates of the Carribean
Chelsea: Crocheted scarf she made herself
Kristen: Candle she made herself, The Perfect Guy keychain (worth many laughs), and Snowman poop (worth even more laughs)
Lew: Third season of South Park
Emily: Isabel Bloom statue "Sisters" It even looks like us! Emily comes up with the best presents!
Mom and Dad:
Went in on the coat I bought for myself: I fell in love with this coat from Textiles. It's gold and brown suede with shearling wool inside, it is so beautiful and so warm and so machine washable! It was way expensive, so I bought it, gave it to Mom to give to me for Christmas, and she bought Christmas presents, and put the rest of my allocation in the pocket of the coat. Sweet deal, I'm telling you.
CD rack: It swivels! It is very nice, but it only holds 150 CDs, and I have 157. Go figure. The overflow goes into my old one, with room for DVDs. Still very helpful for organizing.
The Two Towers extended edition
The Federalist Papers, by Madison, Hamilton, and Jay
Dido's Life for Rent
Ever After DVD (which has been on my wish list for almost two years now!)
Red and black peasant shirt
Scarf - very 70s pattern

I think that's about it, besides the stocking stuff - the obligatory underwear, socks, candy, bookmarks. Pretty good haul, if I do say so myself. Everyone liked their presents, except the skirt I bought for Emily doesn't quite fit. I don't know if she's decided to take it back or lose the weight. I think she's trying to lose the weight anyway, but [shrug].

I don't remember how we got started on the tradition of having crab legs for Christmas, but I'm so glad we did. That was the best batch of legs we've had, I think. Mmmmm.

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