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Monday, December 08, 2003

Kyan: Grooming Guru

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Decorating was fun. Although Emily had an aversion to watching half-time of the basketball game, so we ended up watching Jack Frost on ABC Family. Clay-mation goodness! Gotta love that cheezy schtick. There was this song they sang about passing around an empty box and saying how much they loved what they imagined they got. Emily started giggling - she was making up her own 'rejected stanzas' in her head. Sometimes it's better just not to ask.

I found presents for Mom and Lew. Just Dad, Emily, Calvin & Matt left. I wanted to get Calvin a Disney Karaoke Microphone, but Amazon is all out, and they're going for sixty-some bucks on eBay. I'm not sure I want to spend that much. So I'll have to think of something else. Emily won't be too hard. She said she'd like some sweaters, except my favorite sweater places don't carry sizes that large. It's hard enough for me. Why do all the cool places assume you're 5'2" and weigh 100 lbs.? You'd think they'd make a lot more money if they offered a greater size variety. Matt won't be hard, either. He'll be happy with a gift certificate. Future brother-in-laws don't care if you're somewhat impersonal. Especially Matt. Do you know how long it took before he let me hug him? He still tenses up. Silly Matthew.

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