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ep·i·gone n. A second-rate imitator or follower, especially of an artist or a philosopher.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Flip-flops do not proper footwear make. I didn't even really intend to wear flip-flops for all the running around I did today, I brought tennis shoes home even, but no, I had to wear flip-flops and now my legs ache like no other. I finally got back to Wilton about 1:00, after the appraiser came and did her thing, my laundry got done (with a few rounds of Tetris in between). I was set immediately to work, loading my truck with things to be taken to the church, picking up the meat, taking it to Davenport, stealing a couple trees from another church...don't ask.

There is so much stuff! Trees and fences and garden furniture and bows and flowers and...stuff! "But it will look so pretty!" I can't decide whether I would want Mom to make as much of a fuss over me or not. Cross that bridge when/if I come to it, I guess. We're decorating the church and the reception hall tomorrow, then running home to change and (hopefully) shower before the rehearsal dinner. Matt's request was Pizza Hut, so I'm wondering if that's still the plan. We'll see.

Tuesday night Josh and Chelsea came over. He brought me birthday presents. The aforementioned Tetris - hundreds of hours of little blocks falling into place, just for me! And he gave me a copy of his final photography project, all matted and framed...I hung it in a place of honor over the living room couch, moved Grandpa. It looks so nice, all professional-looking. And it's got such great composition - he'd better get an 'A'.

I made him a copy of the photo Kristen took of us at the Homecoming game last year, from the black and white roll debacle. It was kind of ironic, since he had been looking through my photo album and had pointed out that one as one he particularly liked. I put it in a cranberry looked good. I got one for me, too.

Oh, and Mom was showing me some garden furniture she had gotten: "Do you like this?" I approved. "I thought I'd give it to you for your birthday." I couldn't help but laugh, "What? 'Here's your birthday present, I'm borrowing it before I give it to you'???" It is pretty cool. I can't wait to have a backyard that it will look nice in. There's landscaping to be done.

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