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ep·i·gone n. A second-rate imitator or follower, especially of an artist or a philosopher.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Got to spend yesterday sick in bed. Yuck. I'm still pretty tired, and I probably won't make it through an entire work day today, but I'm feeling better.

Saturday was the Graduation Party, weeks in the making. We had a blast. The pinatas were every bit as fun as we anticipated.

Tacia learned from my mistake. I kicked a pinata with my sandals on...broke the sandal. Put a good-sized hole in the pinata, though.

OK, Josh says this is his jump front snap kick, and after looking more closely at the form, I think I agree with him. Sorry, sweetie.

See that puff of white coming from Brian's pinata? That's craaaack. :)

I haven't played Twister in years. Chelsea and I kept being the first ones out, thus the butt picture...

But I eventually won the consolation round after a furious bout with the Frostin'.

Us girls cemented our friendship with matching tatoos from the pinatas.

These are some of the best pictures, but I have tons more. There will have to be a picture party later on or something. I hope Tacia was able to get all the paint chips out of her carpet. I had a hard enough time getting them off my hands and feet. The spray paint was not meant for Twister.

Em, Katie, Sarah and I went around Sunday afternoon and took crazy pictures with the Herkys on Parade. They brought props was absolutely hilarious. We only got pics with about 40 of the Herkys, because we got really tired, but there are some good pics. I don't have them, but Em's going to make an album. Maybe I'll get some later to post.

I have to say goodbye to Josh tonight.

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