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Monday, August 29, 2005

It's been over a week since I've blogged, and I feel like I should, but I'm not inspired. I have all these things that I could blog about, but I'm just 'meh' about all of it.

Last weekend was Wilton's 150th anniversary celebration. I wouldn't have gone back for it, but I had an eye appointment I had to come back for anyway. I hate that town. I'm sure a lot of it is because I have managed to block out most of growing up there and just being there brings the feelings back. In an ironic coincidence, I saw a kid wearing a t-shirt bearing the slogan, "I hate it here and I'm never coming back." Amen, kid. Amen.

And in other news, Mom starts chemotherapy the day after Labor Day. She'll be staying with me a couple nights, so she doesn't have to do a lot of running back and forth between treatments. In a conversation with one of Mom's friends last weekend, the friend asked, "Whatever happened to the bone marrow transplant?" Mom told her she had decided against it. "Why?! It's a cure!" "I decided it wasn't worth the risk just yet." "You should totally go for it!" And just kept arguing. I was irritated. She told you she decided against it, lady. Respect her decision. She's put a lot more thought into it than you have.

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1:40 AM, August 30, 2005, Blogger Ems

Everybody thinks their opinion is worth as much to others as it is to themselves. And sometimes it hurts even if it was said with the best intenions at heart. And sometimes that hurts more. The lack of understanding. That failure to take one tiny minute to understand the other side. Especially from one you love.

Sometimes it's one of the hardest things about being sick. People who arent, just dont understand, no matter how good their intentions are.

5:39 AM, August 30, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous

Respect her decision. She's put a lot more thought into it than you have.
Amen to that. I'm sure the friend meant well, but damn, couldn't she've just dropped it? It's your mom's choice.


2:19 PM, August 30, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous

How close is your Mum to this lady? Just being Devil's advocate here, the friend may have not understood how your Mum cold turn down an option that could help her so much.

When Mum had a cancer scare, she said if it was cancer, she wouldn't have huge treatment. I couldn't understand why, she wouldn't try everything possible. She said that she didn't want (if it was cancer) spend most of the time sick and ill and unable to enjoy the time. I wouldn't have chosen that option, but it was Mum's decision. I would have had to respect it, even though it'd be hard, because she would be the one feeling the pain/treatment/discomfort etc.

It sounds like your Mum's friend didn't phrase her thoughts properly- I'm sure it came out, differently than she intended it.

Sometimes, the hardest thing to do is to walk away so to speak, even if it hurts, knowing that there is something you/someone else could do. Maybe if your Mum's friend tried imagining going through a bone marrow transplant, she'd reassess.



10:51 PM, September 01, 2005, Blogger Chelsea

I want that kid's shirt.


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