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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

It was a lovely Christmas, although I think I would have preferred all the excitement to be at the beginning of my vacation instead of the end, so I would have had more time to relax.

And my annual loot list, in general order received:

Ken - apple pie (it was the best pie that I've had that wasn't made by a relative)
Calvin - Operation (it was so cute...he didn't know what to get me, and Cassie told him to get something we could do together, so he got me a board game. Also very cute was his snoring through Candlelight Service Christmas Eve.)
Neighbor Erika - gift basket with cookie mix, cocoa mix, cinnamon and sugar shaker, all homemade
Gym-Nest (where I teach TKD) - beer mug (which actually was supposed to go to Troy, because they did beer mugs for guys and coffee mugs for girls, sexist much?, but Troy doesn't drink alcohol, so we traded. Without his knowledge.)
Chelsea & Josh - a yarn tote and handmade magnets
Stocking - 3 antique ornaments, a Strawberry Shortcake tin, pajama pants, my favorite lip balm (Denali Dreams in cranberry, made with fireweed honey), and Sweet Pea Body Butter from Bath and Body Works. I was told that I was supposed to receive the Vanilla Body Butter and Emily was supposed to receive the Sweet Pea. I don't know how Santa made that mistake, since we live in completely different time zones, but I guess we're making a switch.
Emily & Matt - hand-blown glass ornament (not by them), a set of wrought-iron picture frames and a collage of pictures taken by Emily, who is a wonderful photographer and has some great scenery to work with up there in Alaska.
Lew - UFC DVDs of the greatest knockouts (we watched them yesterday, there was a lot of cringing and groaning going on. Ouch!)
Mom & Dad - a crochet hook organizer (yay!), a real iron (I've been using a travel iron for years, and it's worn out it's welcome), a body pillow, flannel sheets, boots (the ones I was agonizing over at Kohl's on the shopping trip with Emily because they were so cheap and so cute, but I've been trying to cut down my extraneous spending so I can get my windows paid off faster, so Mom said, "Don't look" and snapped them up.), a brown and pink striped blouse, and a skirt and sweater that I had tried on at Cato's on the same shopping trip, but they didn't have the right sizes for me. She found the right sizes at a different store.
Santa - cherry chocolates, a Far Side off-the-wall calendar, and She-Ra S1, V1
Twyla - candle votive

It was a Christmas like most others, though there was a hole with Emily gone. I'm glad they're planning on coming home, though it won't be for another couple of years.

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5:18 PM, December 27, 2006, Blogger Ems

Christmas just isnt the same with only two people...


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